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We made this game for a Game Jam from our university where the topic was "Always changes" so we decided to make the main character's abilities change every time he defeats an enemy.
Hope you enjoy it :)!

Dungeon crawler with turn-based combat where the player skills will change after each battle, gaining the last of the defeated enemy.


Imagine a world where people are born with superpowers, some are unbelievably powerful, such as controlling fire or water, while other are… a bit more mundane, like growing flowers from your hands. But not everyone uses their powers for good, as some choose to use their powers for evil (if you can tell us how to use flowers as an evil power, we’re listening). However, an association was born amidst the battle between good and evil, the Heroes Obeying Ethical Reasoning or H.E.R.O. for short. They defended the population from those never do gooders, but in the the final battle between good and evil they were defeated, fading into obscurity.

After years of tyranny, someone finally decided to do something, someone decided to rise to the occasion, and from his chair… Copyman! While he was a very capable hero, he lasted just three days inside the association. Some say it was an inside job, others a power struggle, but the reality is that he was too lazy to save the world, he really wanted to catch the latest episode of Cooking Wild.

On Tuesday, at the same scheduled time, Copyman sat on his couch to watch the TV, but gasp it was cancelled! Not only that, but SpeedKnife, the world’s greatest chef and host of Cooking Wild… was gone. The tyranny of the villain’s league had gone too far. It was time Copyman took matters into his own hands.


H.E.R.O.zip 55 MB


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I got big pooped on in this game lol Actually loved the concept and the music to this game. Actually got a little hard so I didn't finish but I can easily see this game taking it to the next level.

HAHAHA YOU'RE THE BEST, MAN! We are really happy to see your gameplay, thanks a lot! Your edit is really fun haha keep on it!

Eh FLIPADO con esa  narración tan sexy de izhan_go xd...  Me encantó la temática comic <3 

Mil gracias, nos alegramos muchos de que te haya gustado:)!

Cool Game!! : D


Llegué por la historias de Carla, ¡el juego está bastante bien! Es simple y entretenido. Me encantó el hecho de que hubiera una lógica detrás de cada movimiento para derrotar a los jefes.

Carla: Yas! Muchas gracias:D al final es un juego de jam, pero nos gustaría seguir mejorándolo! ^^

Simple pero divertido, llegue al juego por las historias de Carla en ig y me encantó, sigan así.

Carla: jejejeje muchas gracias! :D

This game was actually really fun once I finally defeated the first guy lol. I really liked the fact that the music in the game seem to be personalized to the bosses. Overall a really well done simple video game felt like rock paper scissors, but it did a good job of making you think of what powers to use when. I couldn't  understand the opening because I don't speak spanish but I think I got the jist of the story from the pictures. My play through here: 


You are the best, dude! Thanks for the gameplay and your kind words =)

Thank you again for making the game :D ya'll the real mvps